Coastal living will offer some unique challenges that do not exist in other regions of the country. The challenges include salt air, wind-driven rain, salt spray, humidity, nor easters, tropical storms, and hurricanes. These environmental conditions can easily deteriorate and corrode most materials used in the average building process, costing thousands of dollars in repairs, replacement cost, and property value. In particular, windows, doors, hardware, exterior siding and fixtures, paint, HVAC systems, coastal decks, and roofing are vulnerable to the coastal environment. This easy-to-follow photo guide book, with more than 300 full-color photographs, will show how you can adapt your home to the coastal environment. This book will enable the coastal homeowner to save time, money, and frustration by stretching maintenance dollars, while giving you cost-saving maintenance and repair options you never knew existed. You will be introduced to more than 100 companies marketing their products to coastal homeowners. Products that will give you the best performance and value in a coastal environment.