Adapt your home to the coastal environment

The Complete Photo Guide to Coastal Maintenance

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Wayne Higson is an award-winning builder and the recipient of the Better Homes and Garden magazine award. He has been a licensed general contractor in North Carolina since 1989.

About the Book:

This photo guidebook was published to show coastal homeowners how to adapt their homes to the everyday challenges presented by a coastal environment.

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My wife Elizabeth


Hardware, Fasteners, and Nails

The brass-plated entrance hardware on this expensive fiberglass door has already corroded. The salt-air will quickly tarnish and corrode hardware not designed for the coastal environment


Doors and Windows

Doors and windows should be designed for the coastal environment. The photo shows a beautiful fiberglass entry-door system sidelight and a solid entry lock


Exterior Siding & Trim

A well-maintained waterfront property that looks and functions as it should, this home reflects value and beauty. PVC trim will not warp, rot, or absorb moisture. Photo courtesy of Versatex PVC trim products. Reference the Coastal Products Directory.


Coastal Heating & Cooling

Sand in the fins and excessive corrosion on your compressor units can affect the performance, reduce the life of the unit, and lead to thousands of dollars in replacement cost.


Exterior Electrical Components

A noncorrosive, weather tight exterior light fixture with a sealed bulb to keep out salt moisture and wind-driven rain. Reference the Coastal Products Directory.


Coastal Decks

A place to relax and enjoy the view with family and friends, the coastal deck is an extension of your home.


Exterior Surface Preparation

Coastal homes are often buffeted by high winds and wind-driven rain. The salt environment has weathered the paint, exposing the wood. This home is in need of exterior surface preparation and primer prior to painting with a premium severe-weather paint.


Water Heaters

In coastal areas, the placement of a water heater is very important. Water heaters need to be monitored closely for corrosion.


Coastal Roofs

A coastal roof should do more than just beautify your home. The roof system should be designed and installed to with-stand high winds and the coastal environment. Tropical storms, hurricanes and even winter storms, can create serious damage to roof coverings. When roofing materials fail and blow-off, water damage and high winds can lead to dangerous structural damage.


Preventive Maintenance

Deteriorated or damaged exterior wall and roof-vent caps in a coastal environment is a major cause of water intrusion. They should be repaired or replaced immediately.


Winterizing Coastal Homes

After you have winterized your pool, it is a good idea to install a pool cover to prevent wind-driven sand and debris from entering the pool.


Hurricane Preparedness

Watch flags are posted to warn of the impending storm, high surf, and rip currents.


Increasing Rental Income

Vacationers are always looking for a more relaxing and better vacation experience, so why not have a big beach umbrella available or have a beach-gear rental company deliver one on demand so family and friends can relax in the shade.